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The title, The Fluid Catastrophe, refers to the failure of the Navier-Stokes equations of Fluid Dynamics to properly account for the entropy associated with turbulence. These equations describe a mythical fluid “continuum” which is everywhere smooth and continuous. In this book a granular description of the natural world is proposed which is more realistic, more closely related to observation and consistent with the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This shift in emphasis has repercussions for a number of disciplines as summarized in these pages viz:

Discipline Page
Numerical Modelling The Myth of the Continuum
Geology A Stochastic Model of Mantle Plumes
Glaciology Rapid Terminations and Melt Ponds
Oceanography The Wind Sea Fiasco
Philosophy A Failure of Rationalism
Physics A Return to Empiricism
Statistics Yule’s Nonsense Correlations
Climate Science or Astrology?


Python programs for the display of periodograms and their ARMA spectral estimates (with confidence limits) and for the computation of high latitude water surface absorption may be downloaded here.


The Fluid Catastrophe by John Reid is available here: https://www.cambridgescholars.com/the-fluid-catastrophe


Reid, J. (2019). The Fluid Catastrophe.  Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne, ISBN: 978-1-5275-3206-9

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